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he meant a lot to me意思就是他对我很重要 awful加了一个形容,就是非常要死的重要. 意思就是他对我来说重要的要死了.我爱惨他了.

句子没摘完整, ... but never a real letter or anything like that. “This is a good part here," I said. "Where it says your friendship over the years has meant an awful lot to me..." 所以说的是那封信, This is a good part here, ...

你好! what are the meant a lot to thank 意味着许多感谢是什么

he meant a lot to me意思就是他对我很重要 awful加了一个形容,就是非常要死的重要。 意思就是他对我来说重要的要死了。我爱惨他了。。。。


I Waking up I see that everything is OK 艾薇儿 梦中醒来,我发现一切都很棒 The first time in my life and now it's so great 我的生活从未...

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