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iF i must sAy so

you look very pretty,if I may say so 你看起来很漂亮,如果我可以这么说

这是口语的习惯表达,经常用作插入语.使用的是陈述语气. 意思是“要是/如果可以这么说的话”用来起到使所讲内容显得更中肯、委婉的作用.但同时,也体现出说此话事实经过对方首肯,得到对方接受,或避免、减少对对方可能的影响或伤害等.例如: His advi...

if i may say so 如果我可以这样说( 陈述语气) 双语例句 1 If I may say so, you are not right. 你是不对的,如果我可以这么说的话。 2 I think the whole thing is very unfair and if I may say so I think it's very sexist. 我认为整件事情...

很有可能你说的意思是对的。可是,要根据上下文才能决定具体什么意思。 比如: Who says that? ---I say so. (谁说的?---我说的。) Why do I need to do that? ---- Because I say so. (我为什么要这样做? ----因为我说了算)

you looks very pretty.if i say so 你看上去很漂亮,如果我这样说

如果你用的是gowns复数的话,应该是are what I expected。dinner不用复数(而且我认为expect应该是原形,用现在时) 满意请采纳,谢谢

dare 敢 you look so pretty, if i dare say so. 冒昧地说, 你看起来真漂亮. . ----------------------------------- 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

Try—Asher book If I walk would you run If I stop would you come If I say you’re the one would you believe me If I ask you to stay would you show me the way Tell me what to say so you don’t leave me The world is catching up to y...

恩 是my love 但这个是西城男孩的 满经典的

Kristinia Debarge – Not Until I Say So Xo smiles faces on your cell phone Notice you will be high when you hear the ring tone Birthday gifts I know I didn't give you An another thing you told me you like the way things are goin...

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