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身高 stature; height (of a person): 量某人身高 take sb.'s height 身高两米 two metres in height 他身高7英尺。 He tops 7 feet. 他身高5英尺5英寸。 He is five feet five inches in stature (height). 中国队占有身高优势。 The Chinese t...

I am 1.63 metres in height My height is 163 cm I'm at the height of 163 cm. I am 1.63 metres high I am 1.63 metres in height

How tall are you ?

You are required to be no less than 185 centimeter tall. You are required to be 185 centimeter or taller.

中等身高 Medium height 例句: 他中等身高、中等身材、灰褐色头发,长着一张过目即忘的脸。 He was average height, average build, with mousy hair and a forgettable face.

你的身高是多少? How tall are you ? (更好) What is your height ? 这两句都可以

英语的:"What do they look like?" "Medium height." 解释: look like 英[luk laik] 美[lʊk laɪk] [词典] 看起来与(某人或某物)相像[相似]; 很可能出现[引起](某事、做某事); 伣; 似; [例句]You look like a nice upstanding yo...

what's your height? how tall are you? 用height或tall表示 不要用Long

One point eight meters tall. One point eight six meters tall.

One hundred and eighty centimeters in height.

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